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The Lands and Cities of Groundfrost

Major Cities and Settlements

White-Barrow – Economic Center of the North
Grand Cirque – Capital and Home to the Twin Monarchy
Heatherbrush – City at the Bridge’s Base
The West Circle Observatory – The Magi Headquarters of the North

Major Regions

The Devastation – A region of barren rock and steam geysers to the south formed 30 years ago
Gate of Flames – A long bridge connecting Groundfrost, commonly known as “The Big Bridge”
The Winder Mountains – The Borders to the North and East
The White Oaks – A large forested region that dominates the East
Fury’s Bluffs – Steep cliffs that make the Western coast on the Escyi sea
The Great Steppes – The central agricultural region of Groundfrost

The Groups and Organizations within Groundfrost

The Grey Ambassadors – Law givers and Judges without Borders

The Twin Monarchs – Anna and Peter Gordon, leaders of the reconstruction
The Grey Council – The Leaders of the ambassadors, those under the mountains

The White Sigil – Protectors of the People and Star Hunters

The Holy Magistrate – Those that mend and advise the people
The Crusaders – The hunters of titans

The Magi – Seekers of Mysteries

The Observers – Researchers of vast unknown
The Technicians – Hired hands for sensitive jobs

The Jesters in Black – Partially crazed, partially unbalanced, and wholly insane

Penny’s Dreadfuls – A group of thugs and vagrants led by a sweet 12 year old girl
Holistic Pirates – Focused on highway robbery and throwing birthday parties

The Races within and abroad

Humans – The Native Inhabitants of the Doratra River
Elves – The Variegated Children of the Many Woods
Dwarves – The Reclusive Crafters of the Winder Mountains
Orcs – The Noble Savages of the Far South
Gnomes – The Wizened Elders of the Eastern Wastes
Halflings – The Cheerful Kin of the Inbetween Places

Main Page

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