While titans fall from the heavens, dangers lurk all around.

In the new kingdom of Groundfrost on the Continent Mira, there is unrest. The Two Monarchs and their Grey Ambassadors keep peace, but the bitter war that forged the land after the Decimation still brews beneath the surface.

The bridge to Riverland across the Titan’s Tail has just been completed, and the outside world is pouring across to see the land isolated for thirty years. Riverland’s neglectful king could care less, but his host of power hungry children eye Groundfrost for their own, and Magi wizards move to study the northland’s mystifying lights in the sky.

There are also threats from inside as well. The labyrinthian tunnels beneath White-Barrow have attracted many adventurers but many have gone missing along with several city-folk. The trees of the White Oaks have begun act strangely, and there is talk of things walking in the deep woods. Strange beasts have been seen traveling through the Titian’s Tail, a small town has struck Iron in the north, and the Jesters in Black have begun to increase their activity everywhere.

There are those that see the brewing of the next great war, but others claim that even greater devastation is coming to Groundfrost. In such troubled times, who is to be believed or trusted in the cold kingdom under the silent stars?

Silent Star

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